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German for Nursing Staff

This course is formatted for nursing staff with German language level B1-B2.

Course Content

Topics are: medical vocabulary, communication with patients and care instructions.

Official Test and Examination Center

As a licensed telc examination center, you can take the telc exam at our language institute.

telc German B1-B2

We offer both German preparation courses and the telc Deutsch B1-B2 exam for nursing staff

Qualified language trainers

Our German trainers are qualified and certified native speakers only.


We offer different accommodation options for our international students.

General Information About telc Exams

telc stands for "The European Language Certificates" - the European Language Certificates. The development and organization of the internationally recognized system of standardized European language examinations is carried out by the nonprofit organization telc - language tests.

Whether you work in an international company or abroad - foreign language skills are always a plus. Personnel managers take your telc certificate, at which level you speak a language, your chances in the profession rise thereby definitely.

Approved test and Examination Center

GoAcademy! As an accredited test and examination center for internationally recognized language exams, Düsseldorf offers the opportunity to prepare for examinations as well as to acquire them subsequently and with appropriate language competence in Düsseldorf or in our partner schools abroad.

telc Certificates

Proof of language proficiency at academic or governmental institutions usually requires an officially recognized language exam.

In our language school in Düsseldorf, among other things, participation in the following telc language certificates is possible:

  • telc German A1
  • telc German A2
  • telc German B1 / telc certificate German
  • telc German B2

as well as the vocational telc language certificates:

  • telc German B1-B2 for Nursing Staff and
  • telc German B2-C1 Medicine

German for Nursing Staff - Course Dates 2024

Course upon request
Details about

Course Structure

telc Preparation and Exam

Our preparation course for the "telc Deutsch B1-B2 Pflege" certificate is directed to international medical nursing staff who would to work in Germany.

The "telc Deutsch B1-B2 Pflege" certificate is a prerequisite to work in Germany and to obtain the recognition of the professional qualifications. 

The course "German for Nursing Staff" prepares nursing professionals effectively for the "telc Deutsch B1-B2 Pflege" exam (telc German B1-B2 Nursing Examination) by focusing on specific topics.


Authentic examination requirements will be trained, as well as situations from the health care system and professional linguistic competence in the four skills: hearing, speaking, reading and writing in German.

Before starting your preparation course, we will help you to define a realistic learning goal by taking into account your previous knowledge of German and the planned duration of the course. After our placement test, you can start your language course at any time.


  • Effective communication with patients, doctors, colleagues and relatives
  • Understanding of instructions, medical history and dialogues about nursing care
  • Principles of written nursing documentation
  • 20 lessons (à 45 minutes) per week
  • Mon-Fri: 2:15 pm - 5:30 pm
  • Duration: 4 weeks


  • Effective communication techniques for nursing care and geriatric care
  • Price: 790€
  • Registration fee: 60€
  • Accommodation on request
  • The exam takes place at GoAcademy! Düsseldorf
  • Exam on request

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