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DSH in Düsseldorf

We prepare you effectively for the German language examination DSH.

Certified Language School

GoAcademy! is certified by the German TÜV Rheinland DIN ISO CERT 9001:2015 

DSH for Foreign Applicants

Our DSH preparation courses are specially designed for foreign applicants who want to present the exam at a German University.

Free German placement test

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Qualified DSH Preparation

Our DSH trainers are qualified German native speakers experts in DSH preparation for the exam at a German University.

Internet access, group rooms and accommodation

Our school offers internet acces, different group rooms and accommodation for our international students.

About DSH

DSH is the abbreviation for "German Language Examination for University Entrance". The DSH is a language entrance examination to prove the ability to study at German universities. The development and organization of the DSH exams are subject to the FaDaF.

The DSH exam is performed by universites/colleges. The result of the DSH is given in three levels - DSH1, DSH2 and DSH3, which correspond to the GeR competence levels B2, B2-C1 and C1. The exam will not take place at GoAcademy!

Our exam preparation courses for the DSH are specifically aimed at foreign applicants who wish to receive specific language training for their studies at a German university.

Our DSH preparation courses are the best way to get you ready for the exam by focusing on authentic test requirements as well as student life situations. You will practice all four of the language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Basic language skills such as pronunciation, intonation, rhythm and grammar are also trained through the communicative didactics of our German courses:

  • Refreshing the basic language skills
  • Revision and extension of grammar and vocabulary
  • Idioms and Phrasal verbs
  • Training of pronunciation, intonation and speech rhythm
  • exam-specific requirements such as: understanding and editing of reading texts and scientific structures, text production, verbal expressiveness

DSH Exam

The DSH exam consists of a written and an oral part. In both DSH exam parts it should be ascertained whether you have the necessary German language skills to study in Germany.

Listening and reading comprehension of general and scientific topics are just as required as written and oral expressiveness.

In order to successfully pass the DSH exam, no special expertise is required. However, both partial exams have to be passed, as the overall result is not averaged.

The pass mark for each partial exam is 57% of the maximum achievable score (DSH1), between 67% and 81% the DSH2 level is used, from 82% DSH3.

To achieve the generally desired level DSH2, for example, both parts of the test must pass at least the result DSH2.

Examiners who have achieved DSH 3 in the written part exam, but only complete the oral part exam with DSH 1, achieve the DSH 1 level in the overall result.





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