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TOEIC is the abbreviation for "Test of English for International Communication". The TOEIC test assesses the abilities of non-native speakers of the English language in understanding and applying English.

The test is based on the form of the language spoken, written and heard in the professional environment. The TOEIC test results are highly valued by reputed companies for their professional content and have gained international recognition as a proof of proficiency in English professional life.

The lessons will focus on authentic situations of the TOEIC exam, basic language skills, pronunciation, intonation and language training. In addition, your English grammar and vocabulary will be trained.


    TOEIC was developed by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), an educational institute in the USA. The most well-known tests offered by ETS are the English TOEIC test and the SAT SAT.

    In total, ETS performs 20 million tests worldwide each year.

    ETS develops its standardized testing procedures primarily for the US and conducts international testing in more than 180 countries and 9,000 locations around the world, including:

    • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language),
    • TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication),
    • GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) General and Subject Tests and The Practice Series tests.


    TOEIC language exams are developed using the latest test methodology and the highest scientific standards. A constant check on the validity, reliability and objectivity of the tests ensures the highest level of quality.

    TOEIC exam formats are based on the ALTE quality criteria and are regularly reviewed externally. They are based on a comprehensive needs analysis and thus represent the actual linguistic challenges of everyday life.

    Special quality features are:

    • the transparency of the requirements and thus fairness towards the participants
    • the professional standardization of the test format
    • the qualified licensing of the examiners
    • the constant statistical assurance of a constant difficulty, selectivity and rater reliability


    TOEIC is guided by the form of the language spoken, written and heard in the academic environment. TOEIC is therefore an internationally accepted tool for assessing English language proficiency in higher education. Mainly the test is intended for students who are interested in studying or for a shorter study visit in the US.

    More than 8,000 colleges and universities in 90 countries require the TOEIC as an entry requirement. Therefore, the TOEIC is a must for applicants who want to obtain an MBA in the USA.

    • Regardless of the future study site, the TOEIC test is recognized at nearly all academic institutions worldwide.
    • With more than 4,000 test centers worldwide, the TOEIC has a flexible network.
    • Numerous exercise materials and publications are available for preparation.
    • Candidates can register online and view their results online.
    • In the internet-based method it is possible to record speech samples and to evaluate them safely and under standard conditions.

    A language school with history

    Our language school has been one of the leading language institutes in Europe since 1990. After 29 years GoAcademy! Sprachcaffe is renamed our language school under the name GoAcademy !.

    The reason: As a licensed language and examination center, we stand for professional teaching and want to communicate this with our name. Our partners, language students and companies from abroad already know us under the name GoAcademy!

    Language courses, educational leave, exam center

    In addition to language courses for private individuals and companies, we also offer language courses in 40 different countries. Fun learning is an essential part of our concept. That is why our experienced and native-speaker trainers make the lessons lively and communicative. As a testing center for internationally recognized language certificates, we know what matters in language training. We are certified for our customer orientation and the quality of our services by the TÜV Rheinland according to DIN ISO 9001: 2015 standard as well as according to AZAV standard as continuing education provider for educational leave.

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