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About Bildungsscheck

The Bildungsscheck is a funding program of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia for continuing vocational training, which is funded by the Ministry of Labor, Integration and Social Affairs (MAIS) and the European Social Fund (ESF) of the European Union.

With the education check 50% of the course fees - up to maximum 500 € - are promoted for the vocational further education. The education check can be applied for by employees in NRW every calendar year.

As an ISO-certified and AZAV-accredited training provider, our group courses from € 500 onwards are eligible for funding through Bildungsscheck NRW.

The education check NRW can in GoAcademy! Dusseldorf be used for all courses that meet the legal requirements - currently all publicly announced group courses from 500 €.


The advantages of booking language courses with Bildungsscheck NRW in the GoAcademy! Language School Dusseldorf

  • ISO certified AZAV accredited training provider
  • Refreshing and expanding your language skills with particularly practical, job-related content
  • Language lessons only with qualified native speakers
  • Reimbursement of 50% of the course costs up to max. 500 €

More information

You can find general information about "Bildungsscheck" here:


The newly designed Bildungsscheck NRW from 05/01/2015 is aimed particularly at immigrants, unskilled and semi-skilled workers, employees without a vocational qualification and those returning to work. The self-responsibility of companies and employees for continuing vocational training is underlined.

For individual access to the Bildungsscheck NRW, the employee himself is advised and bears the own contribution. In the case of company access to the education check, the company is advised and the company bears its own share.

Operational Access

  • Operation size: max. 249 employees
  • The taxable income of employees may not exceed € 30,000
  • The Bildungsscheck NRW can be applied for every 10 calendar years for 10 appointments
  • The target groups of Bildungsscheck NRW are all employees (except public service)
  • The courses are eligible from 500 €. 50% of the course costs are covered up to a maximum of 500 € per education check
  • The course must be publicly announced and freely accessible (no one-to-one lessons)


Individual Access

  • Operation size: max. 249 employees
  • The taxable income may not exceed € 30,000
  • The Bildungsscheck NRW can be applied for every two calendar years
  • The target groups of the Bildungsscheck NRW are all employees (except civil service), returning workers
  • The courses are eligible from 500 €. It will take over 50% of the course costs up to a maximum of 500 €
  • The course must be publicly announced and freely accessible (no one-to-one lessons)


Requirements for Bildungsscheck

The prerequisite for the receipt of a Bildungsscheck NRW is the participation in a counseling interview in one of about 250 further education counseling centers in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The counseling center checks on the basis of the available documents whether you fulfill the eligibility requirements. Then you will get support in finding a suitable training course and, if necessary, for a provider in your area. Finally, the Bildungsscheck NRW is generated with your personal further education goal.

The Bildungsscheck NRW will be handed out to you directly after the interview along with other materials. Among them is also a guide, in which the further procedure is described.

For consultation you should bring:

  • A valid photo ID and possibly a valid residence permit (non-EU citizens).
  • A current income tax assessment (not older than two years) or pay statement (not older than three months)

Please note:

  • At the time of the consultation, no invoice for the measure may have been created by the further training provider!
  • The advice is free

Personal Consultation

You can find personal guidance at:

With the Bildungsscheck NRW 50% - maximum 500 € per Bildungsscheck - the event fee is taken over. You can submit your Bildungsscheck NRW by registering with the further education provider and receive a reduced invoice.

The own contribution may be paid only by private individuals (individual access), but not taken over by the employer. You pay only the own contribution and not the full course fee.

The Bildungsscheck NRW is valid for a maximum period of six months. It is used for individual professional development in the form of courses, courses or seminars. It may only be used for the event fees. Additional or consequential costs such as travel, meals or accommodation are not eligible.

For each person, a Bildungsscheck NRW can be issued every calendar year within the framework of this funding guideline. Decisive is the year of the coupon issue.

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