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TestAS - Test for Academic Studies

TestAS Exam Düsseldorf

TestAS Test Center

As a licensed TestAS test center, you can take the TestAS exam directly at our institute.


Free Placement Test

You do not know your German level yet? No problem, you can test your language skills here: Online-Test. The required level for the TestAS exam is approximately B2 (German or English).


TestAS Exam Preparation

We offer both a TestAs preparation course and the examination (German & English) at our institute.


Qualified German Trainers

Our teachers are exclusively qualified native speakers.


TestAS for Foreign Study Applicants

Our TestAS exam preparation is directed to foreign applicants from non-EU countries. The preparation is a format training for the core test in German. An English format training can be offered on request.


Accommodation for International Students

We offer different types of accommodation for our international students.


About TestAS

TestAS is a standardized scholastic aptitude test for foreign students from non-EU countries who are planning to do undergraduate studies at a German university. Universities use TestAS to select and admit students who best fulfil their requirements. About 40 universities already use TestAS as an additional selection criterion.

You cannot fail the TestAS test, but you can reach certain scores (on a classification scale up to 130 points). Depending on the university, a certain minimum number of points is required.


TestAS Test Center Düsseldorf

As a licensed TestAS test center, we prepare you for the exam and ensure you a place to take the test in our TestAS centre. Our TestAS preparation courses are especially designed for foreign applicants who want to train the TestAS format in preparation for the German core test.

TestAS Test

The TestAS test consists of a core test and a subject-specific module. All test parts will determine whether the student meets all requirements for studying in Germany. Good language skills in German (B2) or English, as well as good cognitive abilities and specialist knowledge, are required in order to successfully pass the TestAS test.


  1. Core test

  2. Subject-specific test

For more detailed Information, please write an email to:


TestAS Exam Dates Düsseldorf 2024

TestAS Digital

Exam: 20.03.2024  •  Registration deadline: 11.03.2024

Exam: 20.06.2024  •  Registration deadline: 10.06.2024

Exam: 19.11.2024  •  Registration deadline: 11.11.2024


TestAS Papierbasiert

Exam: 22.02.2024 •  Preparation course: 12.02. –  16.02.2024 •  Registration deadlinet: 11.01.2024

Exam: 27.04.2024 •   Preparation course: 15.04. – 19.04.2024 •  Registration deadline: 18.03.2024

Exam: 19.10.2024 •   Preparation course: 14.10. – 18.10.2024 •  Registration deadline: 12.09.2024

TestAS Procedure

Core Test

This part of the test is taken by all participants of the TestAS. The core test takes a total of 110 minutes and consists of four parts, each of them contains the questions and a separate answer sheet and has its own processing time. The core test examines whether the participant fulfills the general cognitive abilities for studying in Germany.

  1. Solving Quantitative Problems (45 minutes)

  2. Inferring Relationships (10 minutes)

  3. Completing Patterns (5 minutes instruction/examples + 20 minutes processing)

  4. Continuing Numerical Series (5 minutes Instructions / examples + 25 minutes of processing)

Test Modules

When participants register to TestAS they must decide on a study-specific test module, the so-called subject-specific test, in which cognitive abilities for the respective study subject are examined. There are four different specialist modules to choose from:

  1. Humanities, Cultural Studies and Social Sciences (150 minutes)

  2. Engineering (150 minutes)

  3. Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences (145 minutes)

  4. Economics (150 minutes)


For more detailed Information, please write an email to: